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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Cerita Bahasa Inggris-Sangkuriang

legend sangkuriang

javanese story west

sangkuriang legend that come from upgrade sundanese. legend berkisah about lake creation bandung, mount tangkuban parahu, mount burangrang and stubble hill mount.

from legend, we can determine how long alive sundanese person at plateau bandung. from legend that supported with geology fact, estimated that sundanese person alive at this plain since beribu year prechristian.

legend sangkuriang initially be tongue tradition. reference is written to hit this legend is on draft bujangga beads that is written in frond that come from end century ke-15 or beginning century ke-16 bc. in naskha written that glorious prince pakuan alias prince bujangga beads or ameng layaran visit hinduism sanctum at java and balinese island by the end of century ke-15.

covering ground having taken ste, bujangga beads arrives at place now is bing city bandung. he is time first eyewitness inscribes this place name alongs with the legend. the report:

leumpang aing ka baratkeun (i walk up at west)
come ka hill patenggeng (then come to mount patenggeng)
sakakala the kuriang (legend place the kuriang)
time dek nyitu ci tarum (time will dam citarum)
bird tembey kasiangan (but fail because too late)

story summary

based on legend, told that king sungging perbangkara go to hunt. in the middle of forest the king throws away urine accommodated in leaf caring (forest taro). a female boar named wayungyang middle do penance to want to be human imbibes urine a while ago. wayungyang pregnant and give birth to a pretty baby. that pretty baby is brought to palace by the father and given lady-in-waiting name sumbi alias rarasati. many kings that propose it,  but a even also bothing that accepted. final kings mutual wage war between the fellow. lady-in-waiting sumbi even also on permitaan self isolate self at a hill is accompanied a male dog that is the tumang. when passionate bertenun, toropong (piston) middle used bertenun cloth fallen down downwards. lady-in-waiting sumbi because felt lazy, throwed pronunciation without thought formerly, he promises to who even also that get piston fallen down when berjenis man sex, be made the husband. the tumang get piston and given to lady-in-waiting sumbi. lady-in-waiting sumbi final give birth to man baby is given name sangkuriang.

when sangkuriang hunt in forest menyuruhnya the tumang to chase female pig wayungyang. because the tumang doesn't follow, then membunuhnya. heart the tumang by sangkuriang given to lady-in-waiting sumbi, then cooked and memakannya. after lady-in-waiting sumbi detect that memakannya heart the tumang, the anger even also culminate at moment's notice head sangkuriang striken with senduk made from coconut shell of coconut so that wound.

sangkuriang go to wander to surround world. after sekian long walk eastwards final reach western again and subconsciously arrive to return in place lady-in-waiting sumbi, the mother place presents. sangkuriang do not know that pretty daughter menemukannya lady-in-waiting sumbi – the mother. jalinlah affection story between second that man. without expressly lady-in-waiting sumbi detect that sangkuriang putera, with wound sign at the head. although such sangkuriang permanent force to married it. lady-in-waiting sumbi ask so that sangkuriang make boat and lake (lake) during last night with dam river citarum. sangkuriang menyanggupi.

so membuatlah boat from a tree that grow at eastward, stubble/main that tree turns into mount ukit dike. the twig menumpukkan at westside and mejadi mount burangrang. constructively guriang, dam even also almost finished done. but lady-in-waiting sumbi bermohon to the hyang single so that purpose sangkuriang doesn't materialized. lady-in-waiting sumbi menebar slice boeh rarang (the fabric result white cloth), at the time also dawn even also merekah at east inclination. sangkuriang be angry, mempuncak the anger, dam that reside in god tikoro menjebolnya, river stream stopper citarum melemparkannya eastwards and incarnate to be mount manglayang. water talaga bandung even also be lessened return. boat that done at great pains menendangnya borthwards and change form is mount tangkuban boat.

sangkuriang then chase lady-in-waiting sumbi sudden disappear at daughter mount and turn into setangkai unga jaksi. as to sangkuriang after reach a place that called with end berung final disappear to mysterious nature (ngahiyang).

kesesuaian with geology fact

legend sangkuriang as according to lake creation geology fact bandung and mount tangkuban parahu. [1

very latest geological watchfulness has showed that leavings ancient lake aged 125 thousands year. lake mengering 16000 year ago.

happen two ancient sundanese mount explosions with explosion type plinian each 105000 and 55000-50000 year ago. explosion plinian second demolish kaldera ancient sundanese mount so that has created mount tangkuban parahu, mount burangrang (called also sundanese mount),  and stubble hill mount.

very may be that ancient sundanese person occupied plateau bandung and watching explosion plinian second that sweep settlement westside river citarum (north and north-west bandung) during explosion period in 55000-50000 year ago moment mount tangkuban parahu created from leavings ancient sundanese mount. this time male homosexual the time sapiens; they identifikasi alive at australian south in 62000 year ago, during with java human (wajak) around 50000 year ago.

sangkuriang and sundanese philosophy

follow sun father or father hidayat suryalaga, former head of university itenas bandung, legend or sasakala sangkuriang be meant as enlightenment light (sungging perbangkara) for who even also the human (plant cariang) that still hesitate self existence and wishful find spirit kemanusian (wayungyang). result that got from this the livelihood will give conscience (inner) as true truth (lady-in-waiting sumbi, rarasati). but when not espoused with carefulness and cognizance full/eling (binoculars), so self will be dominated and be raped by anxiety taste then menerus (be rape the tumang) that will give ego egoistical, that is soul not yet brightened (sangkuriang). when the inner eaten again by kewaswasan (lady-in-waiting sumbi consume heart the tumang) so lost cognizance true. taste repentants that undergone the inner is released with mempukulnya ratio arrogance the ego (head sangkuriang strike)ed. also that influence “sang ego rasio” to keep away the arrogance and leave the inner. obvious arrogance the ego ratio berlelah-le look for science (intellectual intelligence) during the wandering at world (aims up at east). in ahir return to west awarely also unconscious always looked for and merindukannya that is the inner (meeting sangkuriang with lady-in-waiting sumbi).

although such obvious unification between the ego ratio (sangkuriang) with the inner that brightened (lady-in-waiting sumbi), not as easy as that estimated. have a supply science that menguasainya the ego ratio (sangkuriang) must can to make a social life melandasi affection, interdependency – silih asih-asah and silih bring up harmonic humanist, that is one social life lake (makes talaga bandung) that occupied various human collection with multifariously the attitude (citarum). meanwhile the spirit wholeness even also must be formed also by the ego ratio self (boat maker). existence the ego that ratio is even also doesn't quit of self history, there main that be the origin origin (stubble hill, tree sajaratun) start from the beginning keberada-an (east, beginning place rises life). the ego ratio even also must also show self existence (tutunggul, penada self) and in the end he even also has breed that materialized in society that datangd and a time all end gulped time is a heap of tulang-belulang (mount burangrang).

how mengenas, when obvious hope for the ally the ego ratio with the inner that brightened (almost happen marriage sangkuriang with lady-in-waiting sumbi), fail because keburu present the points ends, end live is contained body (boeh rarang or shroud cloth). final fate fate that befall the ego only taste repentants ultra and angry to “dirinya”. so menendangnya keegoisan self ratio, roger seonggok transcendental human telungkup bemoans bad luck that befall self (mount tangkubanparahu).

although such cause the ego ratio stills to felt angered, mengejarnya then the inner that brightened yearned for self (lady-in-waiting sumbi) on the chance of can ally crushed between the ego ratio with the inner. but obvious the inner that brightened only show self is witness on behaviour ever happen and undergone the ego ratio (flower jaksi).

end story that is when does the ratio arrogance the end cognizance incoming (ujungberung). with also the cognizance, pulled and melemparkannya ratio arrogance domination stopper (mount manglayang). so now opened process channel communicatings well mannered with whom even also (god tikoro or throat; b. sundanese: hade i talk fried i talk). and carefully is watched over true food that come into the mouth so that always clean rightful and useful. (god tikoro = gullet, genggerong).


koesoemadinata, r. the origin and pre-history of the sundanese. institute of technology bandung.


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hidayat suryalaga, study hermeneutika towards legend and mount myth tangkubanparahu with all the aspect, hidayat suryalaga, scientific oration when student university graduation ceremony day itenas, bandung, 28 mays 2005.

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