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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Cerita Rakyat dalam bahasa inggris-asal mula gunung tangkuban perahu

mount genesis tangkuban parahu

story from soil pasundan, west java

at west java precisely at regency bandung found a recreation place very beautiful that is mount tangkuban boat. tangkuban boat means boat upside down. given name likes because its for really resemble boat upside down. they say follow folklore parahyangan that mount really be boat upside down. follow the story.

aeon ago, soil parahyangan led by a king and a queen has only a daughter. that daughter nameds lady-in-waiting sumbi. he is very pretty and intelligent, unfortunately he is very spoiled. on a certain day moment is weaving at palace veranda, lady-in-waiting sumbi felt choked and dizzy. he drops the thread twined thread to floor repeatedly. moment the twined thread falls to kesekian lady-in-waiting the time sumbi be angry then swear, he will married any person who will want to get that the twined thread. correct after that oath words is said, come a magic dog that named tumang and extradite that twined thread to lady-in-waiting hand sumbi. so want not want, as according to the oath, lady-in-waiting sumbi must married dog.

lady-in-waiting sumbi and tumang happy alive up to they are favoured a child shaped human child but has magic strength likes the father. this child is given name sangkuriang. in a period of the growth, sangkuring se then accompanied to play by a dog that named tumang he knows only as loyal dog, not as the father. sangkuriang grow to be a boy handsome and brave strong.

on a certain day lady-in-waiting sumbi order the child goes the dog to hunt deer for a party. after several long look for without result, sangkuriang felt to desperate, but he doesn't want to disappoint the mother. so considerably forced he takes a bar of arrow and aim it in tumang. at arrival at home he extradites meat tumang in the mother. dayanng sumbi that estimate that meat venison, feel gl on the child success.
soon after party finisheds lady-in-waiting sumbi recall in tumang and ask to in where tumang present the child. in the begining sangkuriang felt afraid, tapa final he has said what had happened in the mother. lady-in-waiting sumbi be very angry, in his the anger strikes sangkuriang up to faint correct at the brow. on that the deed is lady-in-waiting sumbi is chased away out from kingdom by the father. the luck sangkuriang regain consciousness but the mother stroke leaves scar very wide at the brow. after adult, sangkuriang even also go to wander to detect world conditon outside.

some years then, sangkuriang come in contact with a woman very pretty. soon he haves woman. that woman the mother self, but they not mutual identified one same another. sangkuriang apply it, lady-in-waiting sumbi even also get conveniently. a day before wedding day, moment mengelus the fiance hair, lady-in-waiting sumbi see wide scar at forehead sangkuriang, final he realizes that he almost married the son self. detect lady-in-waiting the mentioned sumbi try to frustrate the wedding. after worry out him final decide to submit marriage condition unlikely granted by sangkuriang. the condition: sangkuriang must make a dam that can cover entire hills then make a boat to trace dam. all that must finished before the peep of day.

sangkuriang engage in. love it so big in sangkuriang give it a strange strength. not forget him also use strength whom he can from the father to call evil spirits and help it. with mud and their soil dams water from river and spring. a few moments before dawn, sangkuriang fell a bar of big tree to makes a boat. when does lady-in-waiting sumbi see that sangkuriang almost finish the job, he prays in gods to block the child job and speed up incoming morning.

cock crows, quicker sunrise from usually and sangkuriang realize that he cheated. considerably angry he curses lady-in-waiting sumbi and boot the product boat almost so to middle forest. that boat presents there in a state of upside down,  and form mount tangkuban perahu(perahu menelungkub). not far from that place found remainder tree stubble from tebangan sangkuriang, now we know it as stubble hill. dam that made sangkuriang causes entire hills is filled water and form a where sangkuriang lake and lady-in-waiting sumbi drown self and inaudible again people say up to now.

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