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Thursday 28 June 2012

cerita rakyat dalam bahasa inggris-SAWAH LUNTO

rice field genesis lunto

sumatranese story west

it was told, more less year 1600 bc, there a little kingdom that is commanded by a that king dispassionately and wise, harmonious alive the people and peace.

little kingdom nameds kingdom sitambago, as according to the king name sitambago. the power region at borthside berbatas with nagari kolok, at eastside abut on hill buar / koto seven, at half south berbatas with nagari pamuatan and at westside berbatas with nagari silungkang and nagari puddle.

kingdom sitambago has strong army troop and skilled. kingdom centre sitambago reside in a valley that passed by a river that flow from lunto, kingdom centre sitambago estimated to reside in down town sawahlunto now. be custom at that time, nagari and ambitious kingdoms expand the area each, brace the troop and prepare weaponry enough like spear, pole, kris, machete, arrow baipuh (toxic arrow) and others, weapon used to assault area other or to defend when assaulted self.

at silungkang / field sibusuk, elephant troop tongga koto piliang beside has spear weapon, kris, pole, machete and has also weapon doesn't has by region other, that is fire arm setengga, portuguese military forces standard fire arm. portuguese person that wants to buy pure gold to palangki must pass buluah kasok (field sibusuk now) and deal with elephant troop tongga koto piliang beforehand, i don't know by what, fire arm setengga complete with peluruh change hands to elephant troop tongga koto piliang.

to expand area, mengadakanlah negotiation between pemuka nagari silungkang / field sibusuk with pemuka nagari puddle to assault kingdom sitambago, so mendapatlah agreement to assault kingdom sitambago, offence is led by commander paligan nature. offence strategy is regulated with systems or blockade pattern, where is army silungkang / field sibusuk surround from puddle region sirakuk and puddle army from sharp stone direction and plateau lubuak simalukuik, with systems or blockade pattern will make army sitambago must not move spatially.

so arrive day h battle, kingdom sitambago beseige, army and kingdom citizen sitambago so panic, movement space more narrower. see panic, so that doesn't happen pertumpahan blood and victim many, commander paligan nature menyeru so that king sitambago along with army and the people capitulates, but commander goodwill call paligan that nature is not cared for little by king sitambago, even king sitambago ready for wage war, proved menghimpunnya balatentara with big total and mengibarkannya war flag, direct troop is led by king sitambago martially and roger bitter battle.

principally, to jolong army the time silungkang / field sibusuk use fire arm setengga, weapon explosion voice setengga menggelegar and balatentara along with kingdom citizen sitambago new hear terrible explosion with makes to shriveled their heart. many armies and kingdom citizen sitambago killed bullet consequence setengga, belong king sitambago fall headfirst bersimbah blood is hitted weapon shooting setengga then weapon called by them hurricane ghost weapon. army and kingdom citizen sitambago retreat and run higgledy leave the area, kingdom centre and then dominated by balatentara commander paligan nature.

after war finisheds, balatentara silungkang / field sibusuk and puddle that led by commander paligan nature returns to nagari each, while kingdom centre area sitambago (city sawahlunto now) biar off hand. tune biar and neglected that maked use by child nagari lunto to bercocok plant, membuatlah persawahan, so that area be rice field that worked on by person lunto. temporary property and soil right constantly within child nagari silungkang / field sibusuk and child nagari puddle that memenangi battle with kingdom sitambago.

moved other class breed sitambago still there up to now menyekitar region pamuatan and santur.

this story is presented by djasril abdul for second previous the time is held in bulletin silungkang-koba child nagori december edition 2002 / january 2003, yard 54 that copied and memvariasi from guardian office archives nagari silungkang and this story is told by datuak podo khatib kampuang dalimo kosiak-penghulu head nagari silungkang. his intimate calling is ong palo pension along with pension time whom he experiences since year 1914 as head moslem priest. he has submitted this story verbally to two republic of indonesia pioneers of independence figures now the late that is sulaiman lobai and m. pious bagindo queen. furthermore this story is written for first the time by m. pious bagindo queen.

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