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Thursday, 20 September 2012


Bb            Dm           
Day after day,time pass away
Cm7                   Fsus*   F  
N'I just can't get you off my mind

Bb              Dm           
Nobody knows, I hide it inside

Cm7                     Fsus*    F  
I keep on searching, but I can't find

    Dm                   Gm            
The courage to show, to letting you know

Cm                     Fsus*  F   
I've never felt so much love before

    Eb    F         D7       Gm  
And once again, I'm thinking about

Cm                  F   
Taking the easy way out..

..       C                  Am       
But if I let you go, I will never know

        F                          G         
What my life would be, holding you close to me

       Am             F               
Will I ever see, you smiling back at me

F               Fm...
How - will- I - know

...          C..          
If I let you go

Verse 2 (chords as verse 1)

Night after night I hear myself say
Why can't this feeling just fade away
There's no-one like you ,you speak to my heart
It's such a shame,we're worlds apart

I'm too shy to ask,I'm too proud to lose
But sooner or later I got to choose

And once again,I'm thinking about
taking the easy way out..

Chorus(as before THEN STAY IN 'C'for...)

Instrumental (with vocals)

C       Em       F         G
              If I let You go(ooh

C       Em       F         G
baby)             oh-oh-oh-ohhh..

    F     G        E7       Am 
And once again,Im thinking about
F                   G 
Taking the easy way out

Last Chorus(key change AGAIN!to 'D')

         D                 Bm       
But if I let you go,I will never know

         G                        A         
What my life would be holding you close to me

       Bm            G...                                
Will I ever see you smiling back at me(oh yeah)

...G       A...                       
How will I know.......(if I let you go)

     D                 Bm       
If I let You go,I will never know

G         A      
Oh baby...........

Bm                   G.....          
Will I ever see you smiling back at me

..G              Gm 
How - will - I - know

If I let you go.........

11 : eleven
21 : twenty1
31 : thirty1
41 : fourty1
52 : fifty2
67 : sunset
71 : dorayaki
80 : linger
90 : gomugomu

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