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Sunday 9 September 2012


Oh God please help me •__• I must study hard right now! Because tomorrow I must doin my biology exam!!! I hate that, noooooooooooooooooooo I'm so lazy to study.Today, I have so many problem. Because some mistakes that shouldn't happen. I'm stress-___________________-

God, please give me a way to solve my problem.. I know, this is life. There are times when we were happy, and sad. Wheel of life was spinning. Karma's will happen for'em who has been hurting each other. Okay, today I'll forget my problem because tomorrow I must doing my biology exam. Wish me luck guys. May God bless us. Aamiin.

Dear my bf, I love you. And I never have the slightest desire to leave you. Sorry, if I still can't understand what do you want. I still try to be the best. And for my parents, please be patient with me. Sorry, if I never makes you happy. Gnight world. Have a nice dream. may tomorrow more better than today.♥

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