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Friday 7 July 2017

Tugas Kriptografi Pengertian Kriptografi

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Security Based Computing is very importen for human life. Because in modern life everything managed base on computing. Service-based computing(SbC) delivers applications and data from a managed computing platform to a relatively simple end device. As service-based computing takes hold, it must fulfill a promise of a simpler, more reliable, even more enjoyable end-user experience. Service-oriented computing based on the broker pattern is a client/server model where server registers with the UDDI registry and the client contacts the registry to discover the server location in order to use the server’s provided services. Peer-oriented computing based on P2P pattern is a model where computer resources and services are shared between directly communicating systems and Peer-topeer networks consist of independent units which behave similarly and can provide as well as consume services. The three major participants of service-oriented computing are the service provider, the service brokers (registry), and the service consumer. It is the function of three major participants :
1.      The Service Provider - responsible for building a web service and publishing its description.
2.      The service broker - maintains a registry of web services and supports their discovery.
3.      The service consumer makes use of published web services by finding them in the broker’s registries and binding to or integrating with them.
In the last time, UDDI is one of service, it is use centralized  architecture consisting of multiple repository servers storing information describing web services and their corresponding providers. The centralized services registries model suffers from the usual problems that centralized computing systems do. centralized service broker are more susceptible to denial of service attacks and in addition, storing a large number of web services information on a centralized service broker increases response time of service providers’ updates. Dependency on a centralized component may hinder the full strength and flexibility of web services.
Peer to peer network is the contrast to service-oriented computing can be used to overcome the drawbacks of the traditional web services approach since in the decentralized architecture approach. Peer-to-peer networks are completely decentralized and allow developing applications with high availability and scalability. Another advantage of the decentralized architecture is the direct communication between peers, which reduces delays of transmission of updated information.
This method is based on synchronization of neural networks by mutual learning. Two dynamical systems which synchronize by mutual signals have an advantage over an attacker E which can only synchronize by listening to the exchanged signals. In this section we repeat the definition of neural cryptography. Each of the two partners A and B uses a special neural network called tree parity machine (TPM). The final output bit of each TPM is defined by the product of the hidden units. Both partners A and B initialize their weight vectors by means of random numbers before the training period starts. Neural cryptography is really a very promising method for generating shared secret key. And it’s easy to apply it into the architecture of SbC.

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