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Thursday 14 April 2016

PES 2016 Gameplay Tool 16 by Yaku & IceTea

Gameplay Tool 16 by Yaku & IceTea
Download PES 2016 Gameplay Tool 16 by Yaku & IceTea
-Compatible with Windows 7,8,10.
-Support official patch 1.04 & DLC 3.00
-Settings imported to PES from Football Manager and FIFA 16
-Plugin to improve speed in the game
-Ball physics all reworked
-Improved Gks response for CPU and Player
-Improved Rfs based in FIFA
-Improved reactions in the players
-Real percentages in final statistics

How to install?
1. Extract the files
2. Copy all the files to your PES 2016 Directory (C:/Program Files/Konami/Pro Evolution Soccer 2016)
3. Run the game with “Gameplay Tool 16 v1.0.0.0.exe”
All this files are here to improve the gameplay using several parameters based on Football Manager stats, FIFA stats and the real football imported to PES.

You just have to copy/ paste all the files in your PES directory and run PES with the Gameplay Tool.

This work is not stolen from somebody, I’ve made the new stats system and Yaku has done the DT_18 file. We don’t want to see that nothing change or something like that, this tool have been tested, rebuilded several times to make it as better as possible and it takes us lot of hours.

We are waiting your feedback after multiple match tests with respect and consideration. We respect the work from others modders and we will be very pleased if they want to collaborate in the project.
Credit : Yaku, Icetea

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