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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Renewable energy change our life

Renewable energy source such as nuclear energy, solar energy , and wind energy is safer and has more adventages than the use of petroleum as number reasons:
Firstly, the use of renewable energy will support the program of blue sky. As it doesn`t burn the petrol it will not produce the hazard or smoke because it doesn`t involve burning process that is used to spin the turbines to generate power. The energy itself spins the turbine instead. Even it only produces  small amount of solid waste(or even none for water and wind energy). So, it is safer  for our environment.
Secondly, it costs less than the burning petroleum. If we burn petroleum everyday to spin the turbine,why don`t we use the power resource that is available? We need only a small amount of uranium to generate the turbine to produce electricity and to light thousands of homes.
Thirdly, it leads us to the future. The energy that is at present will be used up,and no more left. If we use something that gives more advantages.  I think we can maintain human lives and increase the human civilization.
One thing is clear , that renewable energy is much better than petroleum. If we support the government`s plan to use the renewable energy, we can change or life.

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