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Saturday 26 January 2013

Obesity is a nightmare

As the rate of obesity continues to climb in the united states, one age group is feeling the ramifications more than most. More than half of Americans are overweight including at leats 1 in 5 children. Teenage obesity is becoming an epidemic and for many teens, a living nightmare.
The foods we eat everyday contribute to our well being. Foods provide us with the nutrients wee need for healthy bodies and the calories we need for energy. If we eat too much however, the extra food turns to fat and is stored in our bodies. If we overeat regularly, we gain weight, and if we contimue to gain weight, we may become obese.
Obesity means accumulation of excess fat on the body. Obesity is considered a chronic ( long-term) disease, like high blood pressure or diabetes. It has many serious long term consequences for your health, and it is the second leading couse of preventable deaths.
obesity is caused by the false life style. People have meals at the fast food restaurant which serve the junk food. They do not control their appetite,they like to attend which parties where food is abundant while physical activity is lack.

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