Hadoop installation on windows without cygwin in 10 mints

Hadoop installation on windows without cygwin in 10 mints – Hadoop installation on windows 7 or 8
Before starting make sure you have this two softwares
Extract downloaded tar file

Step 1 – Windows path configuration
set HADOOP_HOME path in enviornment variable for windows
Right click on my computer > properties > advanced system settings > advance tab > environment variables > click on new

Set hadoop bin directory path
Find path variable in system variable > click on edit > at the end insert ‘; (semicolon)’ and paste path upto hadoop bin directory in my case it’s a

Step 2 – Hadoop configuration
Edit hadoop-2.7.1/etc/hadoop/core-site.xml, paste the following lines and save it.
Edit hadoop-2.7.1/etc/hadoop/mapred-site.xml, paste the following lines and save it.
Edit hadoop-2.7.1/etc/hadoop/hdfs-site.xml, paste the following lines and save it, please create data folder somewhere and in my case i have created it in my HADOOP_HOME directory

Edit hadoop-2.7.1/etc/hadoop/yarn-site.xml, paste the following lines and save it.
Edit hadoop-2.7.1/etc/hadoop/hadoop-env.cmd, comment existing %JAVA_HOME% using @rem at start, give proper path and save it. (my jdk is in program files to avoid spaces i gave PROGRA~1)

Step 3 – Start everything
Very Important step
Before starting everything you need to add some [dot].dll and [dot].exe files of windows please download bin folder from my github repository – sardetushar_gitrepo_download
bin folder – this contains .dll and .exe file (winutils.exe for hadoop 2.7.1)
Now delete you existing bin folder and replace with new one (downloaded from my repo )
( my github ) etc folder is just given for reference you need to modify your configuration parameters according to your environment path
Open cmd and type ‘hdfs namenode -format’ – after execution you will see below logs

Open cmd and point to sbin directory and type ‘start-all.cmd
It will start following process
YARN resourcemanager
YARN nodemanager

JPS – to see services are running
open cmd and type – jps (for jps make sure your java path is set properly)
Step 4 – namenode GUI, resourcemanager GUI
Resourcemanager GUI address – http://localhost:8088

Namenode GUI address – http://localhost:50070

In next tutorial we will see how to run mapreduce programs in windows using eclipse and this hadoop setup


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